Make-up Tips for Senior Pictures

Model Pictures By Ken Kneringer For Studio K Photography

Studio K wants to make sure you have all the proper information to make your senior pictures the best ever! These pictures represent you and after four years of hard work, you deserve this!

Make-up is an important part of your photo session. Not only does it give a flawless finish, but it also helps highlights eyes, cheeks and lips. We HIGHLY recommend that you have your make-up professionally done, even if you never wear make-up.

We can recommend a make-up artist that is proficient in photo make-up. Even if you don’t normally wear make-up, Beth Jarrels of Champagne & Lipstick can make you look naturally beautiful. We have worked with Beth for a long time and have seen the great work she can do! Make-up is EXTREMELY important to the way your finished portraits will look. However, if you choose to do your own make-up, we have broken down the the facial features into a few easy steps!

Glossy, Shiny, Color! Lips are best in reds, berries, and browns. Make a statement byt be careful to maintain contrast. Dark haired girls – darker colors, blondes – lighter colors. Even if you never wear lipstick, a little color goes a long way. As a bare minimum, at least bring lip gloss to put a little shine on your lips for great senior pictures.

The color of your face should match the neck and shoulders. If anything, go a MAXIMUM of one shade darker. Use a SPF-free moisturizer and foundation to prevent glare and reflections and use a translucent powder to set. Bring extra powder for touch-ups at the studio. Don’t over-do to cover pimples or blemishes. We can easily take care of any those with retouch.

Don’t be afraid to have a little color on the apples of the cheekbones (petal pink). It brightens up the appearance of the face and gives a healthy glow.

Well groomed eyebrows are a must. Enhance eyelashes with black, waterproof mascara. Dark brown eyeliner is a natural alternative to black and compliments all light shimmery eye shadows. Please do not wear any eye make up with glitter in it – those sparkles take away from the own sparkle in your eyes! We don’t recommend liquid eyeliners of any sort. Bottom liner should not extend to the inside corner of the eye. It closes the eye down making it look smaller than it really is. Stop just past the iris of the eye when looking straight forward.

For your senior pictures, paint a clear, neutral, or french tip. If you are going to show your feet, as most girls do, paint your toenails too. Try to stay away from bright colors, though. It will take away the emphasis on your face.

We suggest you don’t try a  new style, cut or color just before your session. Go with the style and color you are comfortable with, which is also usually the one that represents you the best. Curly or straight is up to you, but with some of our sessions, you will have time to change in the middle.

No matter what, remember you are BEAUTIFUL and these pictures are well earned! Don’t ruin them with simple mistakes – be you!